Course Description

The goal of this course is to have you speaking functional Tagalog that you can use in your day to day life so that you can enjoy basic conversations with native Filipino speakers.

If you happen to have Filipino family and friends, you will be able to use this as a stepping stool to initiate and participate in conversations with them.

Likewise, even if you do not have a Filipino person to practice with, this course is interactive enough so that you will be able to test your Tagalog skills right away.

Using multiple techniques, including the use of dialogues, imagery, contextual learning, summarization, and practice testing, you will find this course a fun and easy way to learn Tagalog.

I am excited for you to soon be able to listen, read, write, and speak in Tagalog!

Target Audience:

  • It is designed for students with little or no knowledge of the Filipino language.
  • It is crucial for beginners who would like to dive right in to learning a language through conversations.
  • Students will come out of the course garnering a greater enthusiasm for the Filipino language, country, and culture.
  • This course is NOT for students interested in verb tenses and more advanced topics.


(This same course was first published on UDemy, the largest online teaching marketplace, and this is what students say about Tagalog for Beginners.)

  • Excellent course ! Explanations are very clear for understanding the structure of sentences in Tagalog. I can learn lots of vocabulary. She asks to make my own sentences. So far this is the Best course that I have found. Explanations are in excellent English too. If she speaks too fast then I can adjust the speed of the video. Highly recommend her as a Tagalog teacher. Thank you very much! – Phil
  • Straight-forward but interesting. I just learned more in 5 minutes than I did yesterday, when I tried Pimsleur... – Maurice T
  • Course begins very well structured very much like a professional classroom. Clear annunciations, relevant word usage and informative guidance. Great job!!! – Doug H
  • The Tagalog language has some confusing concepts and a different grammatical structure to English, but this course starts simple and builds gradually but rapidly, making it very worthwhile to take. It gives the foundation to build your own sentences, but also gives you a decent contextual vocabulary for common situations and conversations with Filipinos. It's the beginning of a new dawn of Tagalog speaking for me. Just wish I'd taken this course ten years ago. I look forward to more courses in Tagalog by this instructor. – Ben G

Language Instructor

Jonnalyn Camba

Hi. I’m Jonnalyn and like you, I know how challenging it can be to learn a foreign language. I was born and lived in the Philippines for most of my childhood. I am fluent in English and Tagalog (Filipino), and also know French, Spanish, and Italian with varying levels of proficiency. At one point, I was also trying to learn Japanese. I’ve designed this course, keeping my experiences and struggles in mind when learning a new language.My advice to you is to keep learning, keep practicing, and when you are struggling, remember to enjoy the journey. Take note of and accept the differences between your primary language and Tagalog. Whether this is your first time learning a second language or you are already multilingual, know that the rewards of learning this new language will be something that money can’t buy. Learning Tagalog will bring you closer to Filipino people like no other can. It will help you understand us, our culture, our psyche, our hearts.

Course curriculum


5 star rating

Great Intro to Tagalog!

Carlo P

I found the pacing of this course to be just right for a noob like me; not to slow, not too fast. If you pause when you need too, you will learn a good amoun...

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I found the pacing of this course to be just right for a noob like me; not to slow, not too fast. If you pause when you need too, you will learn a good amount. Class syllabus is well-organized and presented early-on. Videos were professional and had some fun accents every so often to keep your attention. Pronunciation video was super helpful. Grammar was touched on as necessary, but not dwelled on. Good for those of us who want to learn some substance before getting too technical and missing the boat.

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